Menopause is a key workplace issue. It’s an equality issue and a health and safety issue. It impacts all women at some point in their lives, often at the height of their careers.

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Does your company have a great workplace culture?

Transforming your organization into a menopause-friendly workplace doesn’t have to be hard.

The idea of introducing the topic of menopause in the workplace might be daunting. That’s why our talented team of experts will work closely with you to introduce the topic while providing guidance and training best suited to your organization.  We bring our menopause expertise as well as our background in learning, communication, and development to help your HR team build the right menopause at work training, practices, and policies to make your workplace the most forward thinking it can be. The truly sustainable modern workplace looks like this:
  • The human resources department has solid DEI policies and procedures in place.
  • The executives and leaders in charge are equipped with tools and skills to aid their staff.
  • The power of diversity and women’s roles, rights, and health are taken seriously and in turn drive prosperous production.
You can offer our trainings and resources to your employees with confidence. The educational content presented is peer-reviewed by doctors, academics, and lawyers and is fully compliant with all legal best practices. They represent the most comprehensive and widely-accepted information available and they are updated frequently for accuracy and relevancy.

We create compliant and effective menopause polices and HR best practices for companies, big and small.

Best Practices Training for Managers & HR Professionals

Training programs for employees at all levels to create a menopause-friendly workplace. Learn the fundamentals of menopause and how to best implement menopause-friendly practices and policies.

Support for Women Working During The Change

We’ve curated an incredible library of support for women experiencing the "change". Ignoring the needs of women mid-life is not only ageist, it is bad business. These women are typically some of the most experienced and talented.

Menopause Education for Men - aka "Mansplaining"

Men need to understand what their female colleagues and the women in their lives go through. It makes them better bosses, business owners, partners, husbands, fathers, and certainly team leaders and managers.

Custom HR Policy Creation

We create custom HR policies tailored to your organization. All policies meet FLSA, FMLA, OSHA, and ADA guidelines.

Custom Study Guides

Our training seminars, branded with your logo and company details. Printed and delivered in custom binders. Includes 3 workplace copies.

Become Certified

When you complete any of our training programs, your company and employees are certified as being menopause-friendly.

How do we roll this out to the team?

Our experts help you plan a successful launch that inspires your entire office.
From the breakroom to the boardroom, the conversation is no longer taboo.

Rising up to the occasion of truly supporting women in the workforce.

We empower companies with the right knowledge and tools needed to support menopause at work, all at their own pace. Our program covers:

Education is key for the men in your office to also understand the “change”. If you’re curious about just how unfamiliar men really are about women, click here to watch “Jimmy Kimmel Female Anatomy” and see for yourself. It’s funny, but not really funny that this is something we’re just starting to talk about in 2023. 

We’ll help you plan, communicate, and execute the menopause at work campaign.

Planning,  delivering, and communicating your campaign is a breeze with our team of experts at your side to guide and support you. Together we’ll build a solid foundation for you to get the conversation started about menopause within your organization. For most working women, the “change” is physically and mentally overwhelming. By knowing what support to offer, you can change the life of your female employees during this time.